Brigadier (Retd) Javed Tipu


Brigadier Javed Tipu joined the Pakistan Army in 1960. He served in command, staff and instructional appointments – he was the Brigade Major of an Infantry Brigade, Colonel Staff of an Armed Division, Instructor at Pakistan Military Academy and Command and Staff College Quetta. He retired in 1992 as Director of Armed Corps Pakistan Army.

Brigadier Tipu controlled sixty medical projects, including Hospitals and Health Centers for ex-servicemen of Pakistan Army. He was also responsible for giving away educational stipends to the children/wards of ex-servicemen. He served as the Chief Executive for Catalyst Communication, which provides telephonic services and has entered into an agreement with National Telecommunication Corporation to set-up, operate, and service Call-Centers and International Gateway Exchanges. Brigadier Tipu also served as Chief Executive for Universal Communication, which provides telecommunication services.

Brigadier Tipu acted as project director for Chiron Army Welfare Trust Group – a cooperative group between Chiron Vaccines, a multinational biotechnology firm based in the U.S. and Amson Farmaco Biologico, a Pakistan Vaccine Producer.

Brigadier Tipu served as Resident Director of Vision Pakistan, which provides complete life support solutions and specific logistical support to U.S., German and other forces’ contingents to provide relief work in the earthquake affected areas of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.