TEST International targets the problems of water scarcity, environmental degradation, and water‐related natural hazards arising from the expansion of the human imprint on Earth pose enormous challenges to the way we conduct hydrologic science. Flood forecasting, water quality testing, water discharge measurement are necessary steps to manage water for human lives and properties.

Weather information is important for farmers’ day to day decisions for the four areas of crop growth/irrigation, Fertilizer Timing and Delivery, Pest and Disease Control and Field Workability and these are fundamentally affected impacted by weather.

There is an unprecedented opportunity to utilize our technological and theoretical advances in measurement, modeling, and visualization of both variability and change in our world, these being prerequisites for detecting, interpreting, predicting, and managing evolving hydrologic systems.

TEST International has a wide range of products to provide solutions to its customers. These products include data loggers, different types of sensors (level sensor, velocity sensor, tipping bucket/ rain gauge, temperature and humidity sensors) and management software.