TEST International is a biotech, hydro-met, information technology and security company providing products and services to Corporate and Government clients around the world since 1992. Building upon our legacy specializing as a full-service procurement and logistics contractor, our abilities are recognized by both public and private organizations for successful fulfillment spanning bio-technology, as well as security, advanced electronics, information technology, consultancy and support.

Strategically headquartered in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, TEST International is able to leverage the vast personal expertise of our management team and deep industry contacts to effectively service the entire region and in particular the Middle East and Pakistan. As such we regularly work with different organizations on behalf of numerous international manufacturers and clients. Our highly qualified team streamlines the entire life cycle—manufacturers’ products are promoted, marketed, tested, evaluated, procured and implemented with end users on time and with a high rate of reorder. In-country representation and domain proficiency allow us to help clients navigate the difficulties posed by currency risk, cultural issues, language barrier, and any logistical and regulatory complications.

TEST International is also a preferred bridge to International Markets able to source and deliver diverse products and services from OEMs/principals. Our seamless operations offer customers a single-point of contact capable of rapidly locating and managing multiple requirements while proactive strong relations and a high volume of business ensures preferential product allocation and the best possible pricing.

TEST International also addresses the problems related to water scarcity, environmental degradation, and water‐related natural hazards arising from the expansion of the human imprint on Earth pose enormous challenges to the way we conduct hydrologic science. Flood forecasting, water quality testing, water discharge measurement are necessary steps to manage water for human lives and properties. TEST International has a wide range of products to provide hydro-meteorological solutions to its customers.

The Bio-tech Division of Test International emphasizes on providing its clients with the support and services required to function effectually in the field. In particular these extend from threat and risk assessments to specialized development technologies. Our collaboration with international organization, facilitates us to focus on research and development in selection of strain & improvement, development of bioprocess and scale-up, for both production of recombinant proteins or applications of microorganisms and bioproducts resulting from them.